Problem with 'quantum_density_operation'

Hendrik Weimer hendrik at
Tue Jan 11 22:44:54 CET 2005

Bjoern Butscher <bjoern at> writes:

>  #define quantum_density_wrapper_ubt(reg, ctl, ...) \
> -quantum_unbounded_toffoli(ctl, reg, __VA_ARGS__)
> +quantum_unbounded_toffoli(ctl, reg, ##__VA_ARGS__)

Unfortunately, this patch only works for gcc. The C99 standard
(cf. does not require the trailing comma to be removed if
__VA_ARGS__ is empty.

The upcoming release will disable the direct support for
quantum_unbounded_toffoli within the density operator formalism. A
note in the API documentation will show how to use this function

Alternative suggestions are welcome.


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